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Vision Building 2 Follow-Up:

Vision Building 1 Follow-Up:

  • On the EOS Mobile App, listen to the Vision Audio Twice
  • Complete your Accountability Chart
  • Keep the L10s going: same day, same time, same set agenda.  Starts on time and ends on time
  • Watch Level 10 Whiteboard Video again if it is helpful.
  • Write your Core Values Speech
  • Finish Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Start to updating your V/TO to include your Core Values, Core Focus, 10-Year Target and issues on the Issues List.
  • Start making progress toward completing your rocks. Keep them on track for 80% completion or better by the end of the quarter. Send your rock sheet to us as soon as it’s updated.
  • Have you considered using an EOS Productivity Tool?  We highly recommend Traction Tools or  Either are great and will keep your team and tools organized.  See links in Focus Day Follow-up for free trials of both tools.

Focus Day Follow-Up:

  • Download the EOS Mobile App, listen to the Focus Day Audio Twice
  • Watch Level 10 Whiteboard Video. Then start your Level 10 weekly meetings
  • Read the Harvard Business Review articles on Core Values and Vision.
  • Read the first 5 chapters of  Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Review the EOS Glossary to familiarize yourself with EOS terminology
  • Complete your Accountability Chart
  • Start to updating your V/TO with Rocks and Issues
  • Plan out your Rocks and send your Rock Sheet as soon as it is updated.
  • Consider using an EOS Productivity Software to centralize your EOS tools and documents your process through the EOS Journey.  Not only do we recommend using one of these products, but we use one in our own EOS practice. Either are great – functionally very similar.
    • Traction Tools: Try it free for 30 days using this link and C79-83-456 Promo Code.
    • 30-day free trial through this link.

BOOKS & Summaries

Focus Day & Vision Building Day 1: Good To Great by Jim Collins

Why some companies make the leap and others don’t.  How companies transition from being good companies to great companies, and how most fail to make the transition.

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