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In the free 90-minute workshop, we learn about you and your business – where you are, where you want to go, and what you’re looking for. We show you the power of all the tools in the EOS Model and explain the EOS Proven Process to deliver the tools that have helped thousands of companies like yours succeed. You walk away with a new way of looking at your business, expanded vision, renewed excitement and energy to achieve your vision.


When you’re ready to begin your EOS journey to build a strong business and achieve everything you want, we schedule your Focus Day™. The Focus Day is a highly productive, full-day meeting where we’ll accomplish five specific things:

  • First, we cover a concept called Hitting the Ceiling. We help you understand this ubiquitous phenomenon (that’s been keeping you up at night), and more importantly, show you how to get through it.
  • Second, we create your Accountability Chart. We look at what structure is needed to get you where you want to go.
  • Third, we establish your Rocks, the three to seven most important things that must get done. Your team will start the next day back at the office laser focused on accomplishing these high-priority goals.
  • Fourth, we implement a weekly Level 10 Meeting™ pulse so that you’re gaining Traction right out of the gate.
  • And fifth, we create the first draft of your company’s Scorecard so you’re regularly reviewing and hitting key measurables. It’s a highly productive meeting!


Experience two Vision-Building™ Days, 30 days apart to support permanent change and growth, where you will crystallize your vision. We will answer eight questions to:

  • Define who you are: What are your core values? What’s your Core Focus™ (your niche and your passion)?
  • Get Clear on where you’re going: What’s your 10-Year Target™, three-year picture, and one-year plan.
  • Plan how you’re going to get there: Develop a simple marketing strategy. We will also set your quarterly Rocks – those three to seven high-priority things that must get done in the following 90 days.

And we identify, discuss and solve the core issues that are affecting your business. You will leave crystal clear on where you’re going and ready to take specific steps to get you there! The days you spend in the EOS Proven Process will be the most productive days of your quarter.  


From there, we will meet every quarter, mastering the tools, identifying and solving the big issues and creating a clear plan to achieve your goals. The quarterly and annual meetings are where you go from a beginner to an expert!


“2017 was a difficult but hugely productive year. Ben arrived at a time when our business opportunities were immense, but our company was an internal mess. We had no clear mission or structure and numerous people issues. Ben helped us find clarity in all areas of our business. In just a year, we turned over 50% of our staff, relocated our headquarters and posted our biggest sales quarter in 12 years of being in business. We have a galvanized leadership team and clear focus on who we are, who we’re here to serve, and where we’re going. Everything about our business looks and feels different. We couldn’t have made these accomplishments without Ben, and everyone at Riverbank will be forever grateful.”


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