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“There are two elements to the improvements at ZipQuest over the last year: 1) Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and 2) Ben. EOS is a wonderful system. It simplifies classic business concepts & practices into an easy to implement and easy to operate system. I think what permits this wonderful system called EOS to work is Ben Goetz. Without a Ben, EOS would just be a great idea on the shelf. Ben is the key ingredient to implementing EOS into your business and getting you and your business the clarity needed to grow and prosper.

ZipQuest is only part way through the implementation of EOS but we have yet to approach diminishing marginal returns. We are much more organized and less stressed thanks to Ben and EOS. We had meetings before but not like the Level 10 meetings. We looked at some metrics before but they have been totally revamped and we are much more regimented about their use. The Vision Building process was eye opening. This really helped us get clarity on where we should head as a business and how everything works toward that Vision. Ben was very good about facilitating our leadership team during the Vision Building. The recommended books were an education on their own with lessons that tie into your EOS implementation as well as to further hone your business acumen.

I have recommended Ben Goetz to a number of business leaders. Take the time to understand the value that Ben and EOS can bring to your business and then allow Ben to help you. Soon enough you will be better organized to work more on growing your business as opposed to predominantly working in your business.”

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