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Keynote Presentation

Are you hosting an event with growth-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs?

Ben Goetz, a highly sought-after speaker, is not only an expert at connecting with and engaging your audience, but will also deliver valuable, actionable content. Attendees leave the room energized and focused with a mindset shift that will help them envision new levels of success, AND equipped with proven, practical tools to help them achieve that vision and gain real traction. Ben is available for keynotes, session presentations and interactive group workshops.

Keynote Presentation: Are You Running Your Business … or Is It Running You?

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, business leaders and team members from entrepreneurial teams

Length: 90 minutes

Panel Presentation

After this presentation, you will walk out of the room a different person. You will see your business with a new set of eyes. As Ben shows you the possibilities, your mind will come alive with new creative thoughts. Have a pen and paper ready because you’ll think of challenges you’re ready to permanently solve, ways to finally get everyone on your team on the same page and fresh ideas to achieve the big goals you’ve been afraid of. You will expand and increase your entire vision for your business. We don’t stop at ideas…in this talk, you’ll walk away with real, practical, simple – yet POWERFUL – tools that will help you get more done, gain traction and run a better business. Don’t let the company run you – get a grip on your business.

Panel Presentation: Get Everything You Want From Your Business – 10 Crucial Questions That Will Speed Up Results

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, presidents, CEOs, business leaders

Length: 75 minutes

Group Workshop

Create Game-Changing Teams to Drive Results

The success of any team is only as strong as the combined strength of the individual team members. Lead your team to create “Rocks” – the three to seven most important things that must be accomplished in each 90-day cycle. Learn how to prioritize to choose the Rocks with the biggest impact. Leverage powerful strategies to keep your team motivated and focused for 100% Rock completion. Build a game-changing team and multiply your results by putting first things first and practicing new leadership habits that will elevate your team from good to amazing.

Ideal for:Business leaders and managers leading teams of one or more

Length: 60 minutes

Ben is a frequent speaker in North Carolina and around the country. He’s a five-time speaker for the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association Executive Forum, and a two-time speaker for the Conference for Companies Running on EOS. Ben has been invited to speak for conferences, church groups, college classes, young-professionals events, industry association forums and business VIP events.

Ben’s presentations provide value for every industry. He has ignited amazing growth for leaders in a diverse array of businesses such as accountants, automotive dealers, real-estate agents, healthcare professionals, leaders in retail, home-builders, IT professionals and many others.

Speaking Events
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Bring Ben in to add value, drive your registrations, wow your attendees and increase return attendees.

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